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9.12 update is available - Crow - 12-17-2021

  • Possible window freeze when browsing add-ons while network connection to add-on manifests is slow
  • Metadata are downloaded twice first time application is started
  • chd is not listed as supported file type for PCSX2
  • Scanning RPCS3 games fails completely if any of games have damaged metadata files
  • Crash if audio files in Fullscreen mode fail to load properly
  • Rare crash when changing view settings in Desktop mode
  • Crash when opening game menu in Fullscreen mode

RE: 9.12 update is available - Arquivista.exe - 12-17-2021

Moving on to say that the AV is accusing a false positive in the update.

I disabled the AV, installed the update, enabled the AV and it didn't show any virus.


RE: 9.12 update is available - Crow - 12-17-2021

Nothing I can do about it, and to be honest, I'm really tired of dealing with this. There's nothing unusual about that update binary (it's the same binary installer like main app installer) and I don't feel like contacting these AV companies with every update to report issues in their shitty heuristic detection.