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Big Fish Games - itsme67 - 12-27-2021

I wonder if there is an extension to Big Fish Games (at least I haven't found anything) and if anyone else is interested:

Homepage: Big Fish Games

They offer mainly Hidden Object games and casual games. Some are exclusive, others are also available in other stores. 
In any case, they are games that my wife also likes to play ;-)

Unfortunately I have no experience in programming extensions, otherwise I would like to support.

RE: Big Fish Games - darklinkpower - 12-28-2021

There isn't an extension for it and no one on the forums or Playnite discord has mentioned that they are planning to work or that they are working on it.

RE: Big Fish Games - DrinkFromTheCup - 12-28-2021

This company is publishing Alicia Quatermain series games on Steam, right?

It might be possible to do a quickie for their Free Trial eligible games.
Not sure if I will be able to handle paid games though - I'm just learning yet...

RE: Big Fish Games - OneAngryGamer - 02-02-2022

I have looked at adding this website to my '200 project' *

One problem is that it is not possible to automatically link Playnite games to this website. You can not calculate the url from the game name as the website uses a custom id within the url for each game.

For example: 'Adventure Match 2' has the url

* My main working name for a project consisting of a set of interrelated extensions that can look up game-related websites to create links and also optionally download tags and/or media depending on the website.
The project working name is because it supports almost 200 different websites.

RE: Big Fish Games - OneAngryGamer - 02-15-2022

To the person inquiring about my 200 project - if you are waiting on a reply you will need to change your profile to allow receiving PMs first.

RE: Big Fish Games - DrinkFromTheCup - 02-15-2022

I R stooped