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Magpie GBV (Extended) - Twiggy5471 - 01-03-2022

Magpie Grid Banner Variant (Extended)

Github Repository

Just a version of Dan Davis's Magpie GBV updated with more extensions than default and even more flexibility!
Thank you Dan for this awesome Layout!  Big Grin

Exclamation Information and settings I use for addons and Playnite can be found in the wiki on the themes Github linked below.

Playnite and Addon Settings

  Design Goals:
  • Metro Style - Heavily influenced by the Metro For Seam and Epic Launcher's clean design.
  • Clear but Unobtrusive Layout - Your interest is the games; Magpie will not distract you from them but help you parse your large and detailed library easily.
  • Flexible Appearance - I have favorite colors and feelings about font families, transparency, and border thickness. Sometimes they change so I'm sure yours do too. I've made Magpie to look good and respect your preferences from font sizes, to amount of information, to whether you want a focused darkroom effect or an edge-to-edge display for your games' media. For those that need more control, variables to adjust color, control corner roundness, or transparency are accessible from the main Constants.xaml or use of the ThemeModifier plugin.
  Outstanding Features:
  • ThemeModifier by Lacro59 - If you don't like my color scheme or want to adjust the transparency, you can do it yourself.
  • Logo & Header Support - without compromising existing metadata like icons. Thanks to a hack learned from joyrider3774, logos may optionally be added to your games.
  • Rounded cover corners! I think they look nice.
  Supporting or Compatible Extensions for Playnite:

  Authored by DarkLinkPower
  • Extra Metadata Tools - Implementing flexible support for additional metadata media was a shared goal and this extension will facilitate acquiring or adapting logos and other custom media for use in this and other themes.
  • NewsViewer - Displays Steam News controlled by ThemeModifier.
  • ReviewViewer - Displays Steam reviews under the game description.
 Authored by Felixkmh
  • DuplicateHider - Button on game covers that can show & switch between duplicates.
  Authored by Lacro59
  • ThemeModifier - As mentioned above, many aspects of the theme have been made available to be adjusted with this extension from the button in the top bar or in ThemeModifier Settings in Addons. Those who prefer can do the same by manually editing the Constants.xaml file. 
  • HowLongToBeat - Useful and, if custom theme integration is enabled, time-to-beat will appear with playtime, the button is appropriately themed, and it is located with the edit button. Progress bar integration too!
  • GameActivity - This plugin shows your game activity such as time played and has the ability to show average FPS, GPU/CPU/RAM usage, and temps. can use OpenHardwareMonitor and MSI Afterburner to log system temperature and FPS.
  • SuccessStory - Another excellent plugin. Shows achievement progress for PC and RetroAchievement games. Including icons indicating if a game has achievements or not.
  • SystemChecker - Adds in a button next to the HLTB button in the main bar. Good for checking system compatibility.
  • ScreenshotVisualizer - Adds the ability to view screenshots for Steam games.
  • LibraryManagement - Adds game Features to Grid & Details View.

  Some example screenshots

  Grid View

[Image: grid2.png?raw=true]
  Details View 

[Image: details1.png?raw=true]

  Background Mode  (Old Screenshot)

[Image: details2.png?raw=true]

RE: Magpie GBV (Extended) - sheepbeep - 01-03-2022

Any possibility to disable the big banner image in the grid view?

RE: Magpie GBV (Extended) - raygank - 01-04-2022

This looks fantastic! Nice to see my favorite theme get an update.

I don't see any way in ThemeModifier to disable the Achievements section above About the Game in the details view. I don't use SuccessStory or particularly care about achivements. Could you add an option to remove it? Otherwise I'm really excited to see this theme updated!

RE: Magpie GBV (Extended) - AxelMadonna - 01-05-2022

hey, really like this theme, but i was wondering if there was a way to make the achievement more compact without the progress bar or the percentage, i tried changing settings directly from the plugin but when i uncheck the "Display Achievement Progress Bar" the whole panel disappear.
Is this only my problem or i need to change something else?

RE: Magpie GBV (Extended) - sheepbeep - 02-04-2022

How do I move back the details panel in grid mode to the left?

It is awful being stuck on the top. Perhaps make the position configurable (top/bottom/left/right)?

RE: Magpie GBV (Extended) - Cr3ViL - 03-05-2022

Is there a way to hide game titles, i tried ThemeModifier options but nothing happened.

RE: Magpie GBV (Extended) - AleKing31 - 08-31-2022

BackgroundChanger extension support

RE: Magpie GBV (Extended) - Jeshibu - 08-31-2022

(08-31-2022, 04:24 PM)AleKing31 Wrote: BackgroundChanger extension support
Not even a whole sentence or a "please"?