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Riot Games Launcher library plugin - DrinkFromTheCup - 01-06-2022

I brought something useful to you all, fellow gamers, this time.

Scrap Epic Games Store's copies of Riot's games!
Get your native integration today!

Feature breakdown:
- adds League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra into your game library upon install,
- detects installed Riot Games Launcher
- properly runs games which it managed to detect (new in v0.2 - including custom install locations!)
- properly opens Windows' Programs and Components menu on Uninstall attempt
- and if you lost your launcher installer somehow - Install button will bring you to the right place

What's NOT in the package:
- since most of us use IGDB anyway, I didn't inflated the code with custom metadata downloaders.
(- nor with authentification: if the player do have account - player do want the plugin. And the auth is an unnecessary step for free to play title based plugin anyway)

Nuances exist.
It is assumed that at least 1 any Riot's installer did its job prior to plugin's activation.
Since v0.2 update, the plugin have to take a peek into your C:\ProgramData folder for launcher's config files. Safe yet might trigger antivirus' false alarms and UAC prompts. It's lesser evil...

Oh, and since stand-alone (i. e. not bound to particular game) launcher installer does not exist, I'm forced to use Runeterra's launcher as default (because it's the only region-independant launcher to date).

As it's unknown when Riot would gonna decide to release separate TFT client, I'm keeping it as a separate entry (as EGS did) which updates its status together with LOL when possible (unlike EGS did...)

Tested on Win10 x64, Playnite 9.15 (latest public release to date).
Plugin installer files:
Code for pondering and blaming: its GitHub page.
Integration with unified plugins list (including web-list): available!

RE: Riot Games Launcher library plugin - icetoseeyoufr - 01-11-2022

I just wanted to say: Thank you for this. I was tired to have to add Valorant manually everytime i had a problem with playnite and had to reinstall, so thanks!

RE: Riot Games Launcher library plugin - DrinkFromTheCup - 01-11-2022

Always a pleasure, dearest sire Smile
90% of credit, with all assotiated praises and blessings, goes to Crow anyway, since it's his code which I repurposed for this.
(and remaining 10% which I contributed is no big labour - just some headscratching and copy-pasting (and debugging the result a little))

RE: Riot Games Launcher library plugin - twinko - 07-10-2022

I registered just to say Thank you!