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9.15 update is available - Crow - 01-24-2022

  • Folder scan ignores some executables incorrectly
  • Crash when filtering only assigned items on game edit dialog
  • Switching application modes doesn't work properly when switching during library update
  • Crash when renaming library fields
  • Possible delay or deadlock when shutting down Playnite externally

RE: 9.15 update is available - raptor99 - 08-19-2022

Hi there. I haven't used Playnite in a while and I am on v8.14 right now (also, it is a portable install.. playnite is just in a folder in my Downloads folder. I wonder if that is the issue) and when I try to upgrade I get the: Update Available window and it says 9.15 and more below that. When I click Download and Install Update though, I get:
Update Error
Failed to download and install update.
Failed to download update file.

Any ideas?