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Playnite 10 is now available - Crow - 09-06-2022

  • Global search view
  • Library backup and restore
  • Smooth scrolling for game lists
  • Ability to auto-fill the Sorting Name field when importing games (by Jeshibu)
  • New options to control play time sync behavior (by darklinkpower)
  • Sorting and grouping by recent activity (by darklinkpower)
  • Option to configure date display format (by darklinkpower)
  • Install size field (by darklinkpower)
  • Grouping by install drive (by darklinkpower)
  • Top panel button to randomly select game in the current view (by darklinkpower)
  • Option to configure default web image search terms
  • Right-click on top panel's filter button clears all filters
  • Option to define startup and shutdown application scripts
  • Option to go to game details from random game selection dialog
  • Option to create new completion status from game edit window
  • Option to exclude hidden games on statistics view
  • Library update on startup is automatically skipped if Internet connection is not available
  • Options to control update check behavior
  • Option to hide game name from details panels
  • Option to override installation status on automatically imported games
  • Quality of life improvements to metadata download configuration views
  • Added game tracking mode option that only tracks originally started process
  • Option to start on boot closed to tray
  • Option to start interactive PowerShell console with loaded Playnite SDK
  • Font preview when selecting application fonts

Fullscreen mode:
  • Allow for more space between game covers in Fullscreen mode
  • Option to assign game fields in Fullscreen mode
  • Option to open filter preset selection via Left Stick button or R key
  • Option to restart in safe mode from Fullscreen mode
  • Option for Xbox / Guide controller button to restore Fullscreen mode into focus
  • Option to only accept inputs from primary controller
  • Option to invert A/B button bindings (for confirmation and cancellation actions)
  • Smooth scrolling of the game list
  • "Choose on startup" option for emulator play actions also available on emulator level
  • Option to override platform assignment on emulation scanner
  • Exclusion list support for emulation scanners
  • Option to disable scan of archives during emulation import
  • Option to exclude subfolders from emulation scan
  • Option to import emulated games under related file paths (enabled by default)
  • Import emulators using relative paths if possible
Fixed (only most noteworthy fixes mentioned):
  • Filter panel in Fullscreen mode doesn't scroll properly when using big font size
  • Filter presets are not scrolled into view when switching them in Fullscreen mode
  • Some Fullscreen views can't be closed using Backspace key
  • Saved window position is not properly constrained to connected displays if DPI changes
  • TGA metadata files are not properly converted on import
  • Grid View items disappear before they are fully out of view while scrolling
  • Game list doesn't update properly after switching filter preset in Fullscreen mode
  • Details view scroll position doesn't reset on game selection change
  • {EmulatorDir} variable not expanded in emulator scripts
  • Some game menu actions are very slow on large number of selected games
  • Better visual indicator of selected item on filter preset panel in Fullscreen mode
  • Ignore config, redistributables and game engine executables during executables scan
  • Fullscreen mode doesn't adjust properly to screen resolution changes
  • Sidebar doesn't update properly without re-launching Playnite
  • {InstallDirName} variable is not expanded properly in some cases
  • Grid view rendering glitches when grouping is enabled
  • Performance optimization to library filter
  • Better handling of m3u files when scanning emulated games
  • Better handling of emulated game files stored in long paths (260+ chars)
  • Restoring existing Fullscreen instance by starting its executable doesn't properly focus on opened views
  • Better keyboard input support on Fullscreen mode's text input dialog
  • Better handling of multi-disk emulated games
  • Importing emulated games from UNC shares doesn't work properly
  • Some game variables are not expanded properly in emulator configuration strings
  • Launching a game via random selection dialog can lead to wrong game being shown as running
  • Scrolling performance in Fullscreen mode slows down after opening game details for the first time
  • Games show wrong background image when scrolling through game list quickly
  • Clicking in the empty area of the zoom moves the bar but doesn't change zoom
  • Clicking empty part of horizontal scrollbar moves view vertically
  • No "Select Sound" is played when selecting a game with the mouse in Fullscreen mode
  • List view columns can be accidentally hidden by resizing
  • Play actions keep reappearing after being removed from already imported games
  • Emulator scanner does not pick up ROM files with double extensions
  • Missed inputs when multiple controllers are connected in Fullscreen mode

RE: Playnite 10 is now available early for patrons - Duece - 09-11-2022

Will PN9 themes work?

RE: Playnite 10 is now available early for patrons - Jeshibu - 09-11-2022

(09-11-2022, 01:02 PM)Duece Wrote: Will PN9 themes work?


RE: Playnite 10 is now available early for patrons - Duece - 09-11-2022


RE: Playnite 10 is now available early for patrons - Luka8989 - 09-17-2022

Not implemented full screen playnite operation of DS4 and DS5 controllers?

RE: Playnite 10 is now available - jotadelgado - 09-23-2022

Thanks for the work!! Just missed the ability to put tabs in full screen mode in custom order

RE: Playnite 10 is now available - DrKofee - 09-23-2022

Hi! I have a problem taht was solved for w10 in 2019:
But I have w11 and the problem is the same, I have a 4k resolution and 300% zoom, and when it is in fullscreen mode it looks pixelated. If you can solve this problem please. Thanks!

RE: Playnite 10 is now available - poyomg - 11-24-2022

Hi! Is fullscreen grouping planned to be added sometime in the future?