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10.1 update is available - Crow - 09-22-2022

  • Sorting and grouping by recent activity (by darklinkpower)
  • Option to configure date display format (by darklinkpower)
  • Install size field (by darklinkpower)
  • Grouping by install drive (by darklinkpower)
  • Top panel button to randomly select game in the current view (by darklinkpower)
  • Option to configure default web image search terms
  • Right-click on top panel's filter button clears all filters

  • http icons don't properly on global search view
  • Search view shows sorting names instead of the actual game names
  • Emulated playlist child files imported during scan despite playlist file being already imported
  • Checkbox to show only assigned items is not visible on game edit window dropdowns
  • Search window appearance settings don't work properly with some game fields