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Could Aya, GPDwin, OneNet collaborate with Playnite? - Admiralbison - 04-28-2023

With Handheld Gaming PCs beginning to grow in popularity wouldn't it be more prudent to have Front ends for handheld gaming Pcs?

Considering that people are needing to navigate game libraries with a controller because you are holding them in your hands, so controller front ends would be a natural fit. I mean I use Playnite with my OneXPlayer mini Pro and OneXPlayer 2 with my GOG and Emulation would just be unimaginable without Playnite. Tongue

The Steam Deck has Steam OS/Big picture and Asus ROG ally are going to be using their 'Armor Crate'

wouldn't it work out better for both PlayNite and Aya, GPD, OneNet to use and support something like PlayNite?

Playnite has a great game library menu, lots of features, highly customizable etc...

Aya, GPD, OneNet have some useful and important system control menus - CPU, GPU, wattage, volume, lighting, rumble etc...

Could they create like some sort of pluggins or something for Playnite, and they could also create their own themes specific to their devices...


You power up your handheld Gaming PC, a GPD Win themed Playnite launches automatically with all your games, you can change to a different view and change around the systems (or even have profiles for certain types of games).

You could also go to and from Playnite while the game was running or even call up mini menus of playnite - adjust volume, rumble, lighting etc...

This could be a specific GPD Win plugin or something for Playnite too.

Would the devs see any problems with this? Is it possible?

What do people here think?