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Question on clent purpose - jimrad1 - 11-22-2019

Hey, I guess I was confused initially on the purpose of the client. I thought this client would replace the need to have all these other clients open in order to save memory ect. So basically if I understand it its just to have all your games in one client but you still have to have all the clients open in order to use this correct? I was hoping not to have to use the steam client anymore due to its crazy resource hogging.  If this is just an additional client it will just add to the overhead I already have. I do love the layout though, I was just hoping it worked like Galaxy 2.0 where you didnt need the other clients open thus saving a lot of memory.

RE: Question on clent purpose - Clear_Strelok - 11-22-2019

Galaxy 2.0 absolutely needs other clients to be open for games to launch. It's something that's tied to the very nature of these Account-DRM type clients and neither Galaxy nor Playnite can do anything about it, sadly.

That said, there is a feature in Playnite that allows you to automatically minimise or close it once you launch a game, so there's no memory footprint at all, if that's a concern to you. Galaxy, on the other hand, doesn't have the ability to close itself upon launching a game (it does have its own perks in other areas, though).

RE: Question on clent purpose - Crow - 11-23-2019

There's no way we can make it so the original client would not be needed anymore. We would have to circumvent the DRM and that's not going to happen.

That said, you can for example for GOG enable option in the settings that will launch the game directly without client and we do plan to add similar setting for Epic integration (at least for games that support it). Also if any game from other clients runs without the client itself (some Steam games don't use Steam's DRM), then you can change game's Play action in Playnite and make it run the game directly without starting the client first.

RE: Question on clent purpose - jimrad1 - 11-24-2019

Yep your right. Just tried Galaxy 2.0. Well no way around it Ill just have to boost my ram from 12 gigs to probably 24 to 32ish. Even Star Citizen is pushing 16 gigs of ram. Ill just have to buckle to change.

RE: Question on clent purpose - Crow - 11-24-2019

There will be an option to auto close game launcher after game exits in Playnite 7, that should help with the RAM usage.

RE: Question on clent purpose - steve-o - 11-25-2019

There's no way to completely remove dependency on other launchers, that's true.
However, if you edit a game's settings (select game, press F3) and go to the "Actions" tab, you can do the following:

1. uncheck "manage with library" (something like that, sorry i don't have all the names memorized as I'm a new user myself)
2. Add a new "Play Action"
3. choose "Executable" and then point it at the actual game exe in the install folder (wherever the third party client is set up to install games)

Edit: After doing this myself for a few weeks now, I've noticed that often (though not always) when I uncheck "manage with library" the play action will auto-populate with a link to the executable, so really, you may only need to do step 1 Wink

Doing this will at least allow you to launch games that are DRM free without invoking the third party launcher.  There are surprisingly many DRM Free games on Steam and Epic, for example, that don't actually need the launcher running in the background (mostly indie titles, not so much with AAA) - Steam/Epic just don't advertise the fact that these games will actually run without the launcher.

Games that DO have DRM that requires the launcher will automatically boot the launcher before the game itself loads.  The games do that of their own accord, if they really need it.  But at least for games that are actually DRM free, you can skip the other launcher.

Unfortunately, I think that's the best anyone can do, at least for now.

Also note that some ancillary features (like achievements) may not track properly without the third party launcher running in the background.