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7.3 update available - Crow - 03-11-2020



* Option to start Twitch and Amazon games without using client
* Option to display background image on main screen in Fullscreen mode
* Amazon Games launcher support
* Smaller memory footprint when Playnite is closed or minimized to tray


* Column size and position on List view is not saved
* Wrong tile rendering Fullscreen mode
* Playnite using only low resolution icons for UWP apps
* Various fixes and improvements to game icon handling
* Desktop shortcuts are sometimes created without correct game icon
* Some Uplay games being marked as installed incorrectly
* Some Origin games are not detected as installed
* Separate Bizhawk and Mednafen emulator profiles by platforms (by darklinkpower)
* Performance improvements to import of emulated games
* Humble and Xbox games don't have Source assigned
* Game import fails because of damaged media files
* Controller input not working properly when more then one controller is connected

RE: 7.3 update available - EKid - 03-22-2020

how do I display background image on main screen in Fullscreen mode

RE: 7.3 update available - Crow - 03-22-2020

Go to settings in Fullscreen mode and enable it there.