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Playnite and autohotkey - whoozwah - 03-31-2020

I have a few autohotkey scripts that I use for different games and emulators and I was wondering if there was a way to start off a script before a game launches and close it after the game closes. I've gotten the scripts to kick off but they prevent the game from launching. Any idea how I should write the code in the script so that the ahk kicks off but allows the game to launch?

Figured it out. Instead of using the AHK script as a .ahk file I compiled it to an exe and used the process outlined in the FAQ

RE: Playnite and autohotkey - Crow - 03-31-2020

If you are starting the script via batch script then you need to start it in non-blocking way, meaning you need to use "start" command to launch autohotkey process.