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Switch Between Multiple users - BuzStringer - 04-19-2020

This is technically not an extension but it might come in useful

This allows you to switch users for Playnite, and anything it launches. so each person has there own game saves, libraries, playnite settings, ect.

This is mainly for a HTPC / media center / Living room setup. Where switching Windows users isn't very easy.

This is in Alpha, the GUI isn't very pretty and it only supports 2 users

It works by launching Playnite with "RunAs User"  X

Each user must have a Windows account setup, with playnite installed (doesn't have to be configured to run)

Windows user credentials need to be placed in the Config file

AutoHotKey must be installed

Important notes:
As I said this is very much in Alpha and for testing only, Windows passwords are saved in plain text for now. so if you test please setup test windows accounts / users, until I find a way to setup encryption 

This is only compatible with Steam and games for now

All open instances of Steam, Playnite and will be closed when it runs and reopened with the new users credentials.

To Run
open userconfig.ini with a text editor, input details and save

Run "Multi User.ahk"

To view to source code open "Multi User.ahk" with a text editor.