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Aurora - geraintthomas - 04-29-2020


A clean and modern variant of the original theme with white highlights.

I absolutely adore the lightweight nature of Playnite, with its fantastic metadata features and controller integration. But I was never a fan of the default theme (always reminded me of JaffaCakes - look it up for non UK people), and wanted something a little cleaner. After all, the fullscreen version is normally shown on a big TV, so the less clutter the better.

So you can go from this:

[Image: IJGIH3n.png]

To this:

[Image: 03Zmoan.png]

[Image: BJykmIU.png]

[Image: La0xT43.png]

[Image: ILqrfbE.png]

Changes in 1.1

- Added a logo top middle
- Changed the menu button to a cog
- No borders on highlighted options
- Three-colour gradient background
- Adjusted margins to fill the screen a little more
- Fixed 'blur background' option to show game backgrounds

Note: To get the spacing like I have it, edit your config.json file in your Playnite folder and change the 'FullscreenItemSpacing' to 100.


RE: Aurora - darklinkpower - 04-29-2020

Nice theme. Wanted to point out some small issues.

There's an artifact on the right side:

If you enable "Show background image", the image shows a little on the left and right side of the screen:

I don't know if you can replicate it, but in case you don't it might be because I'm using a 1080p screen but with 115% DPI.

RE: Aurora - geraintthomas - 04-29-2020

Ah, good spot!

Already fixed it - was actually a scroll bar (I think). I've adjusted the colours and fixed the background issues. I'll be releasing a fix either later today or tomorrow. Cheers dude.

RE: Aurora - mbyte - 05-17-2020

How hard do you think it would be to change the background to be transparent, so that you can see your wallpaper from your desktop?

RE: Aurora - Crow - 05-22-2020

(05-17-2020, 11:12 AM)mbyte Wrote: How hard do you think it would be to change the background to be transparent, so that you can see your wallpaper from your desktop?

Playnite's window doesn't have transparency support enabled at the moment (compatibility reasons), so it's impossible.

RE: Aurora - WilliamLeGod - 06-27-2020

What a great theme bro! You literally change my whole gaming life with this theme. Actually I really would love to have one minor change if its possible: could u remove the icon and the word "playnite" in the middle? That will look much more clean for me. I really really appreciate it!!! Again, thank you so much!

RE: Aurora - poyomg - 08-23-2020

This is the best theme so far, just one question, I can't find the config.json file anywhere in the Playnite folder, where is it?

EDIT: Found it!

Now another question, how can I modify the height of the info sector (the semi-trasnparent one) in the details view so I can "lower" it a little?

RE: Aurora - SuaveDonut - 11-05-2020

Absolutely love this theme. Just one this super laggy for anyone else? All other themes are fine but this one is super slow

RE: Aurora - aerithgainsborough - 04-18-2021

Hey, this is pretty nice, however on the "details" tab on the upper corner of the game cover, it shows the game's library (ej. gog, steam), is there a way to removie it? thanks!