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Last played sorting - whoozwah - 05-09-2020

When I sort games by last played, if it was in the last 7 days instead of showing the date it shows the name of the day of the week it was last played on. This results in inaccurate sorting. Can this be changed so that it always uses date format to sort by last played instead?

RE: Last played sorting - Crow - 05-09-2020

Can you attach screenshot? And your filtering and grouping settings?

RE: Last played sorting - whoozwah - 05-09-2020

[Image: L8p4oLL.png]

Using the explorer panel, filtering by platform. Set to All.
Sort by last played, descending.
Don't group.

The game sorting for anything played in the last week is all over the place. For example the last game I played before taking this screenshot is Doom Eternal so that should be at the top but it's not because it's using the day of the week to sort. Or it's using something to that effect. I haven't really figured out how it's sorting really. Ideally I would think that as a time field it should sort by yy\mm\dd hh:mmConfuseds

Another thing I noticed is that the Recently played quick filter in full screen mode has its own last played date as it doesn't match up with the desktop app. Can those 2 be syncronized?

RE: Last played sorting - Crow - 05-09-2020

That's really weird, I can't reproduce it on my end. We only display by day of the week, sorting itself is done by exact date and time (to the second).

Fullscreen mode uses the same data as Desktop mode, there's no way how game in Fullscreen can have different data compared to Desktop mode.