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Tags vs Categories - dennisjjunk - 11-26-2019

What is the difference between tags and categories? Right now, I don't have any categories set up, so, any suggestions for categories to create?

RE: Tags vs Categories - Crow - 11-27-2019

Categories I use:

* Casual - For games I play while listening to podcasts, watching YT etc.
* Unfinished - For single player games I'm currently playing and have not finished yet.
* Multiplayer - MP games I play semi-regularly with my friends.

I've seen people use then very differently, it's really up to you how you want to categorize your games.

RE: Tags vs Categories - steve-o - 11-27-2019

"Tags" appear to be getting imported from somewhere else in my Playnite install.  Perhaps IGDB?  I'm not really sure.  But there are tags on my games that I didn't create.

"Categories" can be imported from Steam for any games in your Steam library, although similar functionality doesn't appear to exist for other platforms that might have their own tagging system.

For example, I had a pretty extensive system of categories in Steam, so I could filter games by all sorts of things - genre, play status (ie: Unplayed, Unfinished, Completed, etc), installed or not installed, and various game features I found interesting to track (ie: time travel, great soundtrack, etc.)

A lot of these are separate filters in Playnite already (genre and play status for example) so I've just been using those and deleting my imported categories.  I could've theoretically just kept my categories imported from Steam and ignored the other filters in Playnite, but since I couldn't easily import them for my non-Steam games, I figured I'd just start over.

RE: Tags vs Categories - the7thsage - 12-07-2019

They seem to be (roughly) the same, with differences in nuance. Tags are scrobbled and categories are user-made. Honestly I tend to clone some tags/category fields. The only additional info I can give that isn't already covered is that categories have a nice context menu. Considering that the application is self-contained and supports export, I'd use categories for stuff that either doesn't fit Genre or Tags, (or do it your way, I ended up steam-categorizing by self-proclaimed genre, so I was '''forced''' that way.)