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Plateform icon in fullscreen? - grizzlymv - 10-27-2020

Hi there,
    In Playnite, I was wondering about the platform ID in the grid view in fullscreen (if that's possible at all, and if so, how it works).  I added an icon for the different plateform I have configured (in library manager).  In desktop mode, when I go in list view or details, I clearly see the icon of the platform on the left of the name, which makes it easy to see what plateform this particular game is coming from.  However, when I get to FullScreen mode, which is how I use PlayNite (from the couch), I can't seem to have any option to display the icon.  Would be great to have it appear as an overlay on top of the cover.  I believe I've seen some people achieving some success in Grid view of the desktop mode (doesn't work here), but I'm more looking for the Fullscreen one.

If there's any clear guide/steps on how to do it in Playnite 8, I'm all ears. Wink

Thanks in advance, and god I love Playnite.  Glad I found this! Smile  Keep the great work!

RE: Plateform icon in fullscreen? - Crow - 10-28-2020

I don't have time right now to create guide how to do it, but if you've seen some custom themes doing it already then maybe ask its developers or copy it from there. This has been also requested to be added as built-in feature