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Local media - Arturito - 11-16-2020

I would like to request a script/plugin that does one thing for me with selected games:
 * Search in the InstallDir right next to the "rom" for local artwork like, Cover Image, Background Image and Icon.
In my local library my artwork follows this naming method:
For Cover Image we should search for "poster.jpg/png"
For Background Image: "fanart.jpg/png"
For Icon: "icon.jpg/png"

So if i have a game on Playnite ex: Donkey Kong Country, if i select this game an run the script it should get the rom directory witch in my case is:
D:\Consoles\Nintendo SNES\Donkey Kong Country\
Inside this directory i got everything related to this game like:
...\Donkey Kong Country.smc   - Game file
...\poster.jpg   - Cover Image
...\fanart.jpg   - Background Image
...\icon.jpg   - Icon Image
...\logo.png   - Logo Image
...\theme.flac   - Theme Music

So everything related to game media i should point to the game directory and search for the file there.
I think the naming should be optional the user should set wich name he uses for each type of media istead of poster.jpg, could be cover.png.

I think this is a easy one, but i don't have enough knowledge to do it my self, so if anyone could help me with this i would apreciate.


RE: Local media - OneAngryGamer - 10-22-2021

I created something similar to this a few months back. Cover art only though and it matches on game name (if PC) or rom file name (any platform other than PC)

If I get around to tidying up the code, I will upload it to the forums. (It was designed on Playnite 8 so may not work on Playnite 9)