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filter panel question - isaacq - 11-18-2020

hey all, relatively new and happy Playnite user here.

question for anyone in the know:  is there any way to edit the filter panel to either re-order the drop-down boxes, or even get rid of some altogether? the two criteria i filter my library by most often are Completion Status and Tag, but both are on the second page so additional scrolling is required any time i want to filter.  is there a way to get those drop-downs closer to the top of my filter panel?

i've done a pretty deep dive into Playnite settings, extensions and themes, and wasn't able to see any method of achieving what i want, so thought i'd ask here on the forum.  thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


RE: filter panel question - Crow - 11-18-2020

It's currently not possible. But adding an option to change the order is not a bad idea.

RE: filter panel question - Cromi - 11-18-2020

The filter panel for theme modification is located in Views/FilterPanel.xaml .  You can't delete any filters, but you can move them around.  Here is how I have my filter list to set my 3 most used filters to the top:

<Label Name="PART_ElemPlatformLabel" Content="{StaticResource LOCPlatformTitle}"
Style="{StaticResource FilterLabel}"/>
<FilterSelectionBox x:Name="PART_FilterPlatform" />
<Label Name="PART_ElemLastActivityLabel" Style="{StaticResource FilterLabel}"
Content="{DynamicResource LOCGameLastActivityTitle}" />
<FilterEnumSelectionBox x:Name="PART_FilterLastActivity" />
<Label Name="PART_ElemCompletionStatusLabel" Style="{StaticResource FilterLabel}"
Content="{DynamicResource LOCCompletionStatus}" />
<FilterEnumSelectionBox x:Name="PART_FilterCompletionStatus" />

[Image: BvPLvQ9.png]

(11-18-2020, 08:54 PM)Crow Wrote: It's currently not possible. But adding an option to change the order is not a bad idea.

I would really love an option to re-order the Explorer Panel.  I'm using filters instead just so I can re-arrange the order.

RE: filter panel question - isaacq - 11-19-2020

that is super Cromi, thanks a lot!

RE: filter panel question - GetFR3AKY - 11-19-2020

Depending on the theme you are using, you can simply search for the file FilterPanel.xaml and reorder the <CheckBox> lines according to your needs or remove them completely. Worked pretty good for me Smile