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Using Actual game cover art - OliveGreenVespa - 11-18-2020

Is there an extension for game cover art? i know other front end let you use the actual covert art.

I wouldn't mind doing a bit of the work myself, i'm a computer scientist.

Smile  thanks.

PS: i'm talking about ROMs if it isnt clear. I wont be using playnite for steam/gog.

RE: Using Actual game cover art - sofmarch - 11-19-2020

Just as a headsup a request like this should really go in the Development threads.

As to an answer to your question the best solution to what you're looking for would probably be the Launchbox Games DB Plugin, which defaults to the actual box art for North America.

RE: Using Actual game cover art - spektor56 - 11-19-2020

the latest version actually does all regions now as long as the launchbox database has region specific box art (not just north america).  The emumovies plugin will also do box art at a much more standard size.

The region specific art will only work if your roms use the no-intro naming convention or if you have manually set the Region for your roms.

RE: Using Actual game cover art - tytytucke - 02-27-2021

The refresh metadata button (in settings) worked once, but stopped working altogether (games are still mostly missing metadata). However, I can edit each game individually and download LaunchBox metadata that way.

Extension was installed in the extension folder. Tried removing, shutting down, re-installing, & restarting.