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migrating question - isaacq - 01-04-2021

Hello!  On the wiki, the following instructions are given for migrating my Playnite settings to another computer.

Quote:If using installed version, then you need to move
folder, which contains all user information. Make sure to completely replace the folder on new drive/PC if it already exists from other installation. Just copying over existing user data will cause issues!

However, I discovered when I tried to do this today that I have a Playnite appdata folder in both Local and Roaming, and both show a Last Modified date of today so they must both be in use...  Should this be the case, or is this a problem?  And should I be moving the Local, Roaming, or both to the new Windows machine??

Thanks in advance.

RE: migrating question - Crow - 01-04-2021

You should be moving "%appdata%\Playnite\". Literally put that into Explorer address bar (or whatever you are using to browse directories) and it will navigate to correct directory (roaming one).