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Add Link to Metacritic and IGDB - DonkeyOatay - 02-10-2021

A fair while ago, dragonmc released an extension to add links to Metacrtic and IGDB for each game in Playnite.

I used it all the time, but have now made some changes to it and, as dragonmc has not updated it himself for some time, I created my own fork in Github and decided to share the new version here.

Dragonmc valued accuracy over speed, so his original script was designed to get you to confirm all links before they are added to Playnite. I found that, in most cases it is quite good at guessing the correct link and that confirming each time, when you may be wanting to add links to tens or hundreds of games, was very time consuming.

I therefore added the option so that it will just automatically enter its 'best guess' for a link without you having to do anything. You can therefore select a whole bunch of games and simply set it going (bearing in mind though that Playnite will not be usable while it does it).

If you do choose the option for it to prompt, the extension goes through each game and opens up two web pages. The first is a text search for the game on the site, quickly followed by a second which is the 'best guess' at the exact correct URL for the game. If this 'best guess' is correct (i.e. you see the page for the game load) then simply click OK on the dialog box (that will be hidden behind the browser window) and it will add a link and move to the next game. If it is not correct, in the first page (the one with the search for the game) you can hopefully find the correct page and then copy the link and paste it in the dialog box in Playnite (pasting over the 'best guess' that was wrong), then click OK to add the link.

I have also created proper menu links within Playnite. To use the extension, select one or multiple games and run the appropriate command from the Extensions menu, or select a single game in details view and choose the command from the settings menu (F3).

Finally I created a proper .pext package for easy installation. You can find it at the Github page here:

The original version by dragonmc can still be found here:

If you have any issues or comments, please post them here or on the Discord and I will do my best with my limited scripting abilities.