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Platform Icon Thread - GetFR3AKY - 03-09-2021

Hello together.

I gave each game in my library its own matching icon to have it a bit clearer. I thought it might be useful and helpful for others as well and would like to share the icons with you all.

All images are in .png format and 400 x 400px.

This is what it looks like in action:
[Image: qn6Shrf.jpg]

Platforms of the currently created icons:
  • Amazon Games
  • Battlestate Games
  • Bethesda
  • Epic Games
  • GOG
  • Java
  • Nintendo
  • Origin
  • Playnite (For DRM-Free Games)
  • PlayStation
  • Riot Games
  • Rockstar
  • Steam
  • Twitch
  • Ubisoft Connect
  • XBOX (Microsoft)
[Image: eR4SicC.png]     [Image: pJ1u673.png]     [Image: NW9X1NU.png]     [Image: F9sNsGr.png]     [Image: oeLPQhf.png]     [Image: sL4n3RU.png]     [Image: J4XcIN5.png]     [Image: 3hRD2kM.png]
[Image: tAsl1Pu.png]     [Image: 7fMQcV8.png]     [Image: s7VGkPA.png]     [Image: vM3kL7t.png]     [Image: VA4fZSr.png]     [Image: j1IQqsp.png]     [Image: 8hnK7ON.png]     [Image: Z0suNbY.png]
[Image: B2T7HK1.png]

RE: Platform Icon Thread - joyrider3774 - 05-15-2021

GetFR3AKY very nice icons, i hope you don't mind but i submitted them to the famicomrade repo. So we have a common place to store all the icons. I added background, icon and cover depots and while doing that i submitted your icons. i added your username at the end of the filenames  so people will know you created them when they right click and choose to save the images. I'm hoping more people will commit the ones they use to the depot's now and that eventually we will have a common place to grab these platform images.

Also i had already created / edited some icons i use here are them:


RE: Platform Icon Thread - Emuler (Kame) - 05-20-2021

So I've been continuing work on my setup making custom covers and whatnot when I figured I'd make some icons for use in Playnite not only do these icons work but they look good in SIMPLEish and in Desktop mode! (At least in my opinion)

Also before I show these off - MASSIVE credits to the Retroarch/Libretro team as I used upscaled versions of the XMB menu icons for the consoles seen in these Icons, as they were in the style was looking for, also to Sonic Team for their icon I used in another of these.

Nintendo Icons:
[Image: BcLAVSG.png][Image: YgMX9JF.png][Image: RpVpBN3.png]
[Image: pfYjtih.png] [Image: ukhccml.png] [Image: 24jaRig.png]
[Image: p6KP7m8.png] [Image: 32WIoda.png] 
Sega Icons:
[Image: ofMU62R.png]

NEC Icons:

[Image: DVOQwsn.png]

Sonic Mods Icon (For use with Sonic 1,2,and 3K Rom Hacks, given you have any)
[Image: qjvqoOk.png]

Feel free yo use them in your setup if you like! I generally find this simplistic monochrome style to be appealing so if that's what you're looking for I suppose you've come to the right place!

RE: Platform Icon Thread - tiagops - 12-08-2021

Demo icon