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New user questions - Bedwyr - 12-11-2019

Hi. New user who just found Playnite and am researching whether it would be useful for my living room system. Very feature rich and usable, thank you.

- I may try and experiment with BlendĀ if I get more time. Barring that, would it be possible to get some simple thematic color changes in the Fullscreen mode such as the default-gray theme in Desktop mode? The softer colors are just a bit easier on the eyes than the bold deep blue and orange.

- Can the logo/icon be changed via themes as well? I think the magenta/cyan logo would look really good in Fullscreen.

- Do sorting functions not work in grid view? I was experimenting and noticed that filtering works fine, but grouping and sorting don't appear to work.

RE: New user questions - Crow - 12-11-2019

- Check existing themes, maybe some of them will be what you are looking for color wise. I currently don't plan to create another one myself, because I don't have time to maintain it.

- Yes it can, some existing themes already change it.

- Grouping works on Grid view, but it's not visually represented properly yet.

RE: New user questions - Bedwyr - 12-11-2019


I will see if I can recreate some of these themes in Fullscreen given some free time, then.