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Account Deletions & Username Changes - NamesNetworkNic - 03-26-2021

There doesn't seem to be a way for people to delete their account on this forum; like for privacy focused people, or for people who don't use Playnite any more, or any of the many other reasons why somebody may want to be removed from a forum or service.

Is there an automated way to do this that I'm missing?

If not, and barring the best case scenario of a button in a settings menu, a reasonable middle ground could be a "Delete My Account" thread (or similar).

There also doesn't appear to be a way to change your username here, which is a separate issue, but still an important feature that should never be glossed over.

I understand setting limitations on that one, but the option should always be there; some people change their name (legal and alias alike) in response to (and as a part of recovering from) trauma(s), or to protect themselves (from whatever they deem to be threatening them), and to force such people to start fresh because of a mere oversight is unreasonable.

Once again, if a button in a settings menu isn't reasonably plausible, I'd recommend a "Change my Username" thread.

I understand that this is a small development forum; but under any circumstance where personal, or private data can be stored on a server, there should always be an out for those who didn't realise the possible reprobations that sharing that data could have - as is the point of the GDPR.

Moderation alone won't solve every problem.
Some problems need systems, not people.

- Thanks in advance for the help

RE: Account Deletions & Username Changes - Crow - 03-27-2021

I'll look into options how to automate this. So far people just messaged me and I did changes they asked for (or deleted their account). It's not a big problem for me since we don't have that many people here.

Also, we don't store personal/private data. I explicitly disabled those fields (like birth day), because we don't need them for anything.

RE: Account Deletions & Username Changes - NamesNetworkNic - 03-29-2021

By 'personal or private data' I was referring to username, as, like I said, not every uses an alias; but I understand and agree with your stance on the matter.

Thank you very much for your prompt and professional reply, and thank you even more for looking into solutions.