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Fullscreen M&K keybindings (feature request) - Bedwyr - 12-12-2019

Asking about this for a couple of reasons. Sometimes I need to navigate with the good old mouse and keyboard. Also the Steam Controller runs in Lizard Mode when Steam isn't running, but also has its own separate desktop bindings when Steam *is* running:

Incorporating that into Fullscreen would be really helpful so that I'm not surprised trying to find out how to get to a game's details page. I think it's even fair not to make any specific adjustments to accommodate the SC (unless you want to), just that M&K will cover SC functionality outside of a Steam context. Personally I don't plan to import Steam Games, but I can see myself using the SC to navigate between Steam, Kodi, and Playnite without setting the controller down, if that kind of entertainment "workflow" makes sense.

RE: Fullscreen M&K keybindings (feature request) - Crow - 12-12-2019

I'm not sure what are you asking for here. You can already control Fullscreen mode with mouse and keyboard.

RE: Fullscreen M&K keybindings (feature request) - CriticalComposer - 12-12-2019

I use the SC to navigate Playnite in both Fullscreen and Desktop through the use of Action Sets in my Desktop Config. Desktop just uses the mouse controls in my base Action Set but here is a rundown of the keybinds I use in Fullscreen:

Arrow Keys - Move around the menu
F2/F3 - Previous/Next Tab (Favorite, Most Played, Etc)
A - Game Details
Escape - Close Menu, Go Back A Page
Enter - Launch Game, Select Some Menu Items
Y - Search
Space - Select Some Menu Items
F - Filter

You can set this up just like an XInput device and not really tell the difference except for the Enter/Space issue. Whereas in XInput the 'A' button will open Game Details, select menu items, open drop down menus, select drop down menu options, and toggle checkboxes these functionalities are divided between Enter and Space on keyboard (as well as the 'A' button for Game Details). One of the worst areas for this is changing the sorting method in the Filter sidebar. You have to press Space to open the drop down menu but you have to use Enter to select an option. I've been using my config for Fullscreen mode for a month or two now and I still pick the wrong one. Just last week I gave up on using a special config and I've been controlling Fullscreen Mode entirely through mouse inputs because of this.

RE: Fullscreen M&K keybindings (feature request) - Crow - 12-12-2019

I knew about Space/Enter inconsistency, but I totally forgot about it and didn't change it. I opened GitHub issue for it.

RE: Fullscreen M&K keybindings (feature request) - Bedwyr - 12-12-2019

CriticalComposer gets the main thrust of the problem. I was just trying to make a more limited request. I don't usually run Steam in the background ever because it sometimes causes problems with my Kodi configuration. This leaves the Steam Controller in its most basic configuration, Lizard Mode. The bindings for this mode are in the Reddit link above.

If I were to ask for everything I wanted:
- Steam Controller support for both Lizard Mode (which the controller uses when Steam isn't running) as well as at least the Desktop Mode (which the controller uses when Steam is loaded but not focused).
- SC button assignments at the bottom of Fullscreen mode

But what I'm asking for if that's too much:
- Mouse and keyboard button assignments at the bottom of Fullscreen mode because the SC uses M&K inputs. I could figure the rest out myself and have a generally better experience with the SC.

I also didn't realize the M&K assignments were split like that, so yes. Fully support resolving that.

RE: Fullscreen M&K keybindings (feature request) - CriticalComposer - 12-12-2019

So basically you're asking for keyboard glyphs to be a third option for Fullscreen mode alongside Xbox and Playstation ones? That doesn't sound like that bad of a request.

As for supporting the SC, you might as well forget about that one. There are only three ways of doing that and none are great.

1. Support Lizard Mode
2. Read the raw code coming from the SC
3. Give Playnite Steam Input Support

The raw code is probably the best choice but overriding Steam Input appears to be impossible and overriding Lizard Mode is an introduction to chaos since the application as a whole would have to override it (something that isn't easy to do in the first place if kozec's experience with it is any indication). This would mean that as long as Playnite was open then Lizard Mode wouldn't work so you would ONLY being able to use the SC in Playnite.

Steam Input Support would require Playnite to be run through Steam. You can do this on your own already but now you're running a platform to run a launcher to run the first platform to run a game annnnnndd yeah.....not great.

Finally we have supporting Lizard Mode. This is the easiest method (either bake in keybinds that match up with Lizard Mode or allow custom user keybinds) but sadly Lizard Mode lacks enough bindings to do this. We only have Enter, Escape, and Tab so even if Tab is bound to "Game Details" you'll still be using the mouse cursor to select Filter and Search.

The best way to go about using Playnite with the SC, right now, is to grab sc-controller. It is in a very early stage but has enough features to make a config for basic OS navigation and emulating an Xbox controller. Just make sure Steam isn't running when it is or the programs will fight over control of the device.

RE: Fullscreen M&K keybindings (feature request) - Bedwyr - 12-12-2019

All fair, which is why I was hesitant to ask. I've seen enough effort from 3rd parties and volunteers trying to support the SC outside of Steam to know that it's definitely a mixed result at best. Exposing M&K control inputs via the (glyphs is the right word? glyphs, then) is my main ask then. It would be on me, the user, to worry about what the SC is trying to do.

My stance toward the SC (and I've got four of them since that $5 sale in November, I love it that much and will keep one around as a parts bin) is that it's amazing in Steam and not very usable anywhere else. I can make it operate Kodi more or less in a pinch if I just picked it up and intend to start Big Picture, but I don't expect a whole lot else from the device. My expectation would be the same in Playnite. Basic navigation functionality with maybe left and right mouse-clicking and that's all I can realistically expect. It's just a crippled sort-of functional device outside Steam.

For context, I have a hodgepodge of solutions to make my system work smoothly as a home theater PC. Kodi is the primary interface with links and scripts to launch Steam, GoG, Epic, and Launchbox for retro games. I came here trying to find solutions for UWP game integration now that I have the MS Game Pass. I'm now looking at integrating GoG, Epic, and the Windows Store into Playnite because it is such a light, 'it just works' system and launching it from Kodi.