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Icons for Playnite Web (and other suggestions) - Clear_Strelok - 12-13-2019

I don't know if this should be a thread for general ressources and suggestions for Playnite Web, but here goes. I thought the presentation could use some icons to complements the feature list so I made a few: (just in case it would be useful. Not sure about the fullscreen and platform/emulators icons so I'll probably get back to it)

[Image: 70807659-482b2400-1dbe-11ea-918e-d8660833b633.png]
[Image: 70807675-4f523200-1dbe-11ea-8f8f-a62f25ead9cb.png]
[Image: 70807676-4f523200-1dbe-11ea-9083-19520e5baa55.png]
[Image: 70807677-4f523200-1dbe-11ea-8a7d-cadf5c292559.png]
[Image: 70807678-4feac880-1dbe-11ea-8060-a6df6cf919d1.png]

[Image: 70807674-4f523200-1dbe-11ea-95c0-7914cd9bc9cb.png]
[Image: 70807679-4feac880-1dbe-11ea-80ab-b93265e91bd8.png]
[Image: 70807680-4feac880-1dbe-11ea-9fc6-cd3bcf068505.png]
[Image: 70807681-50835f00-1dbe-11ea-8f88-081bc0fc79bf.png]
[Image: 70807683-50835f00-1dbe-11ea-81b5-21f8b8410086.png]
[Image: 70807686-50835f00-1dbe-11ea-869e-2ac67e5bab8e.png]

RE: Icons for Playnite Web (and other suggestions) - Crow - 12-13-2019

These look great! To be honest the whole web is really bad right now (you can tell I'm not a web designer) and needs complete redesign.

But for now I'll try to integrate these, that should make it better hopefully. Thanks a lot for making them.