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RE: HTML Exporter | Export your games library to (static) html files - LefTutti - 12-15-2021

does anyone know how it works with cloud servers like iCloud, Google Drive or DropBox?

RE: HTML Exporter | Export your games library to (static) html files - kerykeion - 07-01-2022

Hello! I also ran into the issue where an index.html file was not generated. I found one reproducible bug and filed it here:
(Also supported you on Kofi - thanks!!)

RE: HTML Exporter | Export your games library to (static) html files - luxzg - 09-08-2022

Hey all! First of all, big thanks to joyrider both for plugin and for helping with the recent update.

Since now exporting to single file (without game details) is fully supported, I've decided to share my own template from April 2022.

You can find the template and necessary details (how to use, changes made, etc) on github link here:

You can also check the sample (from my own Playnite library) here:

In short, this template (with latest add-on changes) will export your whole library in literally 2-3 seconds (tested on almost 3k games), and you will get a single self-sufficient index.html (that you can rename to whatever) that works fine when being sent to mail, WhatsApp or whatever.

Besides removing the sub-pages and links to those, this template also includes original quick-links (alphabetical links to jump through your library) but in addition it allows sorting all included columns ascending and descending on a click.

Included columns are: Name, Play time, Community and Critic scores, Release date and Date added, and source (Steam, Expic, GOG, etc)

I've made this so I can quickly export my whole library and send it to myself to WhatsApp, so if I'm without PC I can just open this single file and check if I already have a game and similar. Sort was added so when showing list to friends and such, that I can quickly get to latest games added, or filter the games with highest scores, and such.

On my ~2 year old midrange phone my huge sample file with 2764 entries loads in 2-3 seconds, I can use the list in portrait mode, and when sorting is enabled I can sort by these columns taking again 2-3 seconds to sort the whole list (so if you have huge library like me wait a couple seconds after tapping column headers). My ~6 year old PC sorts this in ~1 second.

Hope it helps at least one person Big Grin

I'm attaching two screenshots:

one showing original view (when file loads)

and one showing example sort (descending on community score column)