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System Requirements Extensions? - dreamqueen - 05-14-2021

First off I hope this is in the right place on the forum. I'm new so I guessed.
Is there a system requirements extensions? Or is it even possible to make one?
I love gaming but I'm not a hardware person, it all just flies over my head so I never really know if I can run things or not and I know about sysrqmts and "can I run it" but going to those sites for every game gets tiresome real quick.

So that got me thinking about if there is an extension that gets the data and tells me if my potato computer can run things. I have dyslexia so I can't really write the code myself but think of this as an idea if it doesn't exist.

RE: System Requirements Extensions? - Crow - 05-14-2021

RE: System Requirements Extensions? - dreamqueen - 05-14-2021

(05-14-2021, 01:30 PM)Crow Wrote:
Thank you so much! Big Grin