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Plain White - Bigfootmech - 12-17-2019

Installation instructions:

Extract to an empty folder in Playnite\Themes\Desktop


Rename .zip to .phtm, and then drag over the main Playnite window.


This theme is based off of Josef Nemec's Classic theme for Playnite.

Automatically generated with Toolbox, then modified with a combination of Microsoft Blend, and Notepad++

I've tried to change as little as possible, while changing the theme to essentially "white"/"light".

I hope you enjoy the result Smile

[Image: attachment.php?aid=10]


(PS: If you see any green colours, post them in the forum thread. It's probably something I missed. Thank you)

(PPS: If you'd like to edit it yourself, feel free to)

(PPPS: The forum didn't let me upload as .phtm. Yes, I know it should.)