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8.13 update is available - Crow - 06-15-2021

This version is only available as auto-update. Offline installer is officially only available for version 8.11!

  • Added support for Diablo 2 Resurrected, Crash Bandicoot 4 and Blizzard Arcade Collection
  • Updated localizations
  • Steam games from different disk drives not imported correctly
  • Leaking process handles when tracking play time
  • Installed Origin games not being detected and launched properly
  • Incorrect metadata downloaded for some Epic games
  • Import of installed GOG games fails sometimes
  • Fullscreen mode dialogs are not rendered properly after exiting a game
  • Epic client not being detected as installed
  • authentication not working properly
  • Authentication using Google account doesn't work
As with 8.12, this version is only available as an update after you install 8.11. I can't make full installers available on the website (or github) because browsers and AV software will complain that Playnite is a virus, because these builds are not signed...

Anyways, here are full packages if you really need them:

RE: 8.13 update is available - fillidill - 06-15-2021

Amazing! Can't say thank you enough for this software.