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Aya Neo PlayNite theme - npaladin2000 - 08-09-2021

This theme is a combination of the display from PlayOS and the detail view from Black Fullscreen, I've noticed that it works well on a handheld device like the Neo. So I went further and adjusted the highlights to be the green from the Neo's website, added the logo to the menu and as the menu button, and decided to share it with people.  Still working on tweaking it a little, as some of the lighter backgrounds tend to wipe out the text on the detail page, not sure how I want to deal with that yet though. 

This is my first crack at something like this, so go easy.


RE: Aya Neo PlayNite theme - Duece - 08-10-2021

not bad

RE: Aya Neo PlayNite theme - poyomg - 10-28-2021

Looks very nice, if you could update it to Playnite 9 it would be awesome