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Metadata plugin for

Download here



Just open up the .pext file in Playnite to install

  • It is recommended to create a account and use your login credentials in the plugin settings. This is not currently required, but sometimes access is limited only to registered users
  • The plugin will try to match the game region based on the ROM filename. If it is not found, then it will use the preferred regions in the plugin settings. These region codes are comma delimited, e.g.┬áus,wor,jp for US, World, Japan regions. You can see all of the possible region codes here.

  • 2.0
    - Playnite 9 support
    - New setting to toggle MD5 hashing
    - New setting to use Playnite game name for matching instead of ROM filename
  • 1.2
    - New setting to toggle region auto-detection on/off
    - Use preferred Playnite language settings for description and platform metadata fields
  • 1.1
    - Fixes issue where image files were being saved with .php extension
    - Fixes issue where background image settings and logo settings were not being saved after restart
  • 1.0
    - Initial release

RE: Metadata Plugin - joyrider3774 - 08-25-2021

Greate Releas thanks. is my nr 1 goto source for anything metadata related for emulation. Many big skrapers use and they have a very big database for (older) emulated systems as you can see in these stats:

Wheel : 64613
Screenshot : 95349
Video : 46103
Box Texture : 76427
Label Texture : 37374
Marquee : 2361
ScreenMarquee : 55232
Themes (HS) : 1952
Manuals : 15455
Overlay : 137

People really should get a (free) account though as they sometimes block access for non registered users when the server load gets too high

RE: Metadata Plugin - polson - 08-25-2021

Updated to version 1.1 which fixes some critical issues. Make sure you update the plugin Smile

RE: Metadata Plugin - Alexis67 - 08-25-2021

Many thanks for this extension

the region code does not work with fr, I only opt for metatdata in English and not in French. Is this normal ? I check on screenscrapper the file has the info in French

RE: Metadata Plugin - polson - 08-25-2021

Currently only English game descriptions are used. I can add an option to use preferred regions for this in the next update.

RE: Metadata Plugin - Alexis67 - 08-26-2021

So it's normal for the moment that it only retrieves metadata in English.

It would be cool to add this function in a future version

Thanks again for this extension

RE: Metadata Plugin - polson - 08-26-2021

I have updated the plugin to use your preferred language for the Description and Platform fields.

Also updated to make region auto-detection optional, in case you want to force a different region for the other metadata.

RE: Metadata Plugin - Alexis67 - 08-27-2021

I tested on three games and it works great for French metadata

nice job Wink

RE: Metadata Plugin - icetoseeyoufr - 09-05-2021


I installed your extension, launched it, entered my username and password... but it doesn't update any metadata even when i specify explicitely it have to use screenscrapper.

I tried with well known games like metal gear or parasite eve 2 and nothing, no error message, there's just no metadata downloaded at all. Am i doing something wrong?

Edit: Actually just reached my scrape limit lol

RE: Metadata Plugin - ferrell - 09-30-2021

Good evening! Do you have any plans to port this extension to Playnite 9?

RE: Metadata Plugin - polson - 10-17-2021

The plugin is now updated to support Playnite 9

RE: Metadata Plugin - concasser - 01-06-2022

hey, is there a way to scrape the videos and make them play in playnite? i have this plugin and the "extra metadata loader" plugin, but there seems to be no way to scrape the videos from screenscraper?