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FR: Launch with Program - Altissimo - 12-26-2019

Perhaps this would be possible with an extension, I'm not sure how powerful those can be yet. For the moment, I just want to get this idea out there.

Have you heard of NucleusCoop or Universal Split Screen? They're software that aim to make local multiplayer possible. Nucleus is a little more user-friendly, but limited to controllers, vs USS has mouse-keyboard support, which is a huge plus. The idea is generally that you launch multiple instances of the game and these programs map controls to specific windows. It's neat stuff, and it works pretty damn well considering.

My 'Feature Request' is to add an option under "More" next to "Play" in the launch menu of Playnite to "Launch with XXX Multiplayer" [X= NucleusCoop or Universal Split Screen]. I can accomplish this now by creating a second instance of the game in my playnite library and adding launch parameters, but I'd like to minimize clutter if possible.

I'm also currently tinkering with my own amalgamation of each program's source code, so I guess ideally you could specify "Launch with Parameter set A" and "Launch with Parameter set B", etc. so that one wouldn't be limited to one program or the other. I presume there are other applications for a feature like this, though none come to mind at the moment.

RE: FR: Launch with Program - Crow - 12-26-2019

You can already do that by creating other game action, under "Actions" tab when editing game. Those actions then show up in game menu or under More button as you describe.