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Backup - Luka8989 - 08-27-2021

Hi, is there an easy way to back up all playnite? To save covers, covers etc ..?

RE: Backup - ownedbycats - 08-27-2021

If you've not changed your database location, go to %AppData%\Playnite\

If you have, go to Settings > Advanced and look under "Database Location" to get your current one.

Now open that folder up in Explorer and make a copy of it someplace safe. Personally I use a backup software to do that every few days.

RE: Backup - Crow - 08-28-2021

RE: Backup - itsme67 - 08-28-2021

I use GameSave Manager to backup my local game saves from time to time.
It automatically detects Playnite as well and if you want you can deselect all other directories