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Specific arguments for FS-UAE - icetoseeyoufr - 09-14-2021


i'm trying to make it so i can run Amiga games from playnite. I know there's an automatic configuration but so far every time i scan the folder, playnite see nothing.

So i decided to get my hands a little dirty and try to do things by myself.... I think i figured most of it somehow, the only thing i don't know how to do is how do i launch the game directly?

Because if i decide that playnite should launch "fs-uae-launcher" it will do exactly that and nothing else. making me have to go search for the rom in my folder. Obviously i could live with that, but i'd rather have the game launch with the emulator when i click play.

I assume it have to do with the "arguments" into emulator config...

So here's my question: What do i exactly have to put here to make FS-UAE launch my games directly?

[Image: 0026291847.png]

What do i put into the "argument" column? I tried looking at FS-UAE documentation but i don't understand it well...

Thanks in advance.

PS: Don't pay attention to the "files compatible" i will obviously correct it in due time.

Ok nevermind, i will post the solution here if somebody is searching for it too.

The argument that worked for me here is this one: --floppy-drive-0="{ImagePath}"

RE: Specific arguments for FS-UAE - Crow - 09-15-2021

RE: Specific arguments for FS-UAE - icetoseeyoufr - 09-15-2021

That's kind of the problem, the automatic import for FS-UAE doesn't work. Playnite totally fail at even seeing the emulator, hence why i have to configure it manually, and have a ton of trouble doing it...

Forget it, i just used WINUAE in the end, work fine.