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Sub Category ? - Kawazoe - 09-21-2021

Hi, I'm a new user of Playnite after using Launchbox and something that I miss from Launchbox is the possibility to create sub category.

For Exemple :

[First Category] Steam
[Sub Category of Steam] Role Playing Games
[Sub Category of Steam/Role Playing Games/Genre] Turn Based. (He can be a genre too) 

I did not see any thread about it while searching on google.

This management allow me to check in one eye the genre of the game so when I want to play a RPG (for exemple) I just go to the category and after I choose what type of RPG I want to play.

I use genre for better management (in Launchbox for now) to centralize every game.

For exemple with Cyberpunk 2077

Steam/Shooters/First Person Shooter

After I put some tags like : Firearm / Sword / Open-World 

If this feature already exist, I would like to know how to use it.

Thanks in advence.

RE: Sub Category ? - Crow - 09-21-2021

There's already so many fields you can use to categorize games that it's imho not necessary to add sub-sections to them.

RE: Sub Category ? - Kawazoe - 09-21-2021

It's true, but we cannot use many group to form a dropdown menu.
I use the classic theme with detailled view, maybe other theme or plugin do the thing I want, but I'm not really into plugin (for many reason, the first one is stability because I know some update can be wrong with these and I do not want to spend time even little in it).

If the dropdown menu is already here, I would like to know how to use it.

Also, it's possible to order thing in library like by name ?? Or do I need to create thing and delete them to put them in order ?

RE: Sub Category ? - Crow - 09-21-2021

Just set sorting to sort by name if you want games to be ordered by name.

RE: Sub Category ? - CriticalComposer - 09-23-2021

You can combine as many categories as you like which has the same effect as your sub-categories but has superior flexibility. The only benefit to sub-categories is less user clicks to see a specific set of filters. However, Playnite 9 has a feature to create filter presets. Using your example, you could make a Preset called "Turn Based RPGs on Steam" and have it automatically set the Steam Library, RPG Genre, and Turn Based [Tag/Category/etc].