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What's New in Playnite 9 (Visual Showcase) - spineduke - 10-15-2021

Hi all!

I prepared this as a visual primer for newcomers and veterans who aren't sure what Playnite 9 brings to the table. There are more changes that go beyond what's shown here, but this is a good place to start!

NEW: Add-On panel
  • Manage your existing addons, themes, library integrations and metadata sources.
  • Change and tweak settings for your add-ons.
  • Find and install new addons and themes for your use directly from the client.

[Image: 2km42BN.png]

NEW: Filter Controls that can be customized and saved for one click access

[Image: PeMzPyX.png]

[Image: FFmv2MQ.png]

NEW: Top level menu row that can be customized to your liking - access your sorting, grouping, display options.

[Image: v89bY1r.png]

NEW: Grouping in Grid View - Similar as how groups worked in List and Detail views, now also available in Grid mode!

[Image: fFiK2Wn.png]

NEW: Add your own custom Play actions, launch custom mods, scripts, manuals, etc. 

[Image: vnfyyzl.png]

NEW: Reworked emulation support - with the ability to scan folders and add new games automatically!

[Image: iN0AjMY.png]

NEW: Fullscreen improvements
  • Audio feedback and background sound support in Fullscreen mode
  • Improved mouse and keyboard navigation
  • Custom Filters available on top menu
[Image: 4OybMnb.png]

NEW: Additional Fullscreen options, to manage inputs, fonts, audio directly from fullscreen mode.
  • Change font sizes
  • Hide items
  • Hide mouse cursor
  • Option to not minimize Fullscreen app after starting a game
  • Swap X/A button
[Image: UNaJnDi.png]

NEW: Resolution sizes in metadata downloads

[Image: 7iMqdvR.png]

NEW: Custom Completion Status fields now available.

[Image: uX00Vcp.png]