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GZDoom as and emulator - dreamqueen - 10-17-2021

I'm trying to set up GZDoom as an emulator so I can make custom games for all the wad files. Now I'm not great with emulation or doom modding so I need some help.
I'm thinking of setting up a folder for each "game" so each of them is self contained and won't mess with each other. Is that a good idea?
Like I said I know virtually nothing but I know it works since other people have done it but I don't really understand the process they use.

So please help me it would be so cool to be able to learn how to do this!

RE: GZDoom as and emulator - dreamqueen - 10-18-2021

Okay I managed to make dzdoom into an emulator and I think it's configured correctly.

Okay I managed to do it on my own but I will document it here for everyone if they want to do the same.

RE: GZDoom as and emulator - dreamqueen - 10-18-2021

I used "add game" and then "manual". On the action tab I pressed "play action".
Path is GZDoom.exe
Argument is Beautiful_Doom_716.pk3 -iwad DOOM.WAD -file SIGIL_v1_21.wad SIGIL_SHREDS.wad
Working directory is where the wad files and the pk3 files are located.

From what I can gather pk3 files needs to be first "-iwad" designates the doom wad file you are trying to run doom 1 or doom 2 etc. -file is the mod/add-on you want to run. Music files and everything else like SIGIL_SHREDS.wad comes after that.

Then just add all the info and pictures you want on the other tabs.

I hope this helps anyone else who wants to add doom wad files into Playnite! Rip and Tear!