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Change settings menu - Luka8989 - 10-18-2021

I was wondering if you could implement the possibility to modify the settings menu at an aesthetic level at will even in full screen mode, I am not only referring to being able to change colors or other basic things, but just redesign it, move it etc ...

RE: Change settings menu - Crow - 10-19-2021

Not going to happen. This was possible prior to Playnite 9, but the issue is that some theme devs didn't update their themes which led to items missing there for some people. For example, if I added new section or option there, themes had to be updated to include them as well or users couldn't use those options.

RE: Change settings menu - Kryzalin - 12-10-2021

I'm assuming this answer applies to the "Edit Game Details" window as well..?

RE: Change settings menu - Crow - 12-10-2021