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LaunchBox metadata plugin - spektor56 - 01-09-2020

Status: Working


Alpha Releases

For alpha version you need to go to the metadata settings page for launchbox and refresh the metadata first. The "Platform" field must match the LaunchBox platform name for successful import.

[Image: boxes.gif]

[Image: fanart.gif]

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - Mido_Vodella - 03-31-2020

Is there a way that I could change the cover art to download clear logos from the Launchbox Database?

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - spektor56 - 04-05-2020

Yes that can easily be done but I haven't added any settings to the settings page yet

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - Raleiigh - 04-16-2020

How do i make this work? I already downloaded the alpha release then placed it on the extensions folder. But cant find in on the settings.

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - spektor56 - 04-24-2020

just extract it and place the LBGDBMetadata folder in the Extensions folder

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - sagaopc - 06-15-2020

Doesn't Work

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - spektor56 - 09-10-2020

Works for me, just updated the plugin to use the new PEXT format for plugins

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - sofmarch - 10-14-2020

This doesn't seem to work with Playnite 8, and reinstalling it brings up an issue about it not being packaged properly

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - spektor56 - 10-15-2020

(10-14-2020, 02:08 PM)sofmarch Wrote: This doesn't seem to work with Playnite 8, and reinstalling it brings up an issue about it not being packaged properly

Released a new build for Playnite 8

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - godofredo000 - 11-25-2020

Amigo, me ensina usar isso, por favor
Tem algum tutorial?

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - Crow - 11-27-2020

(11-25-2020, 08:35 PM)godofredo000 Wrote: Amigo, me ensina usar isso, por favor
Tem algum tutorial?

Please use English. Talking in other languages is against forum rules.

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - TeN - 02-09-2021

When I attempt to install this using the "EmuMovies_metadata_provider_2_0_0.pext" file, I get an error message saying it failed to load properly after re-starting.

If I try installing it by putting the "LBGDBPlaynitePlugin" folder in the extensions folder, it gives me no error message and shows up under metadata extensions in the settings, but it doesn't show up under metadata sources.

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - tytytucke - 02-27-2021

My issue: The "refresh metadata" button in the settings worked once, but no longer works (games are mostly missing the metadata still).
Tried to fix: Extension is located in the extension folder. Tried removing and reinstalling the extension.
Solution: Menu > library > Download metadata is the proper way to get new metadata. ( A basic guide for noobies would be helpful)

Also new people should be aware that game/ROM file titles should be worded correctly according to the official name in the databases like wiki (changing the file name breaks the play now button link) alternatively adjust game names inside Playnite to the official name for best results of images and data found. Using ( ) & [ ] for game title information is ignored by Playnite and is useful for different version numbers or international info (USA) [1.01].
Another note, Its also a good idea to go through the settings and adjust metadata sources and priorities with the up/down arrows

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - spektor56 - 02-28-2021

Refresh metadata in the settings page updates the launchbox metadata file that tells playnite where to download the metadata for your games, it does not download any data for your games. Launchbox updates this file once daily and I prevent you from downloading the file of it has not changed so you don't kill the launchbox servers

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - Haelikor - 04-23-2021

So I noticed we downloads logos at 256 x 256 px size, but the logos on the DB itself, are a myriad from 400x175 px to 1464x344 px, etc. Is this compressing them down for performance purposes or downloading a resized version not listed on the LBDB pages?

[Image: 3ORjrmx.png]

Example where when I went to grab a logo and put it in by hand, significant size increase between what this grabs and Valkyrie no Densetsu by hand.

My big question on top of that: is there a way I can get it to grab/use those larger images by default, performance be damned? Better scaling on my monitors and legibility's where I'm wanting it at. Thanks.

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - spektor56 - 05-07-2021

The logos are compressed down to 256x256 because they are downloaded as square icons for playnite metadata. Playnite doesn't have a metadata field for logos yet. When they add a field for logos and videos then the uncompressed versions can populate those fields.

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - Haelikor - 05-13-2021

That makes sense actually, I should've considered how I was using a "logo field" was really other extensions/custom theme integration and not Playnite 8 itself. Thanks for the response!

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - lupo90 - 07-07-2021


Thanks for the extension, it is great,
LB imports "Features" and calls them "Play mode" in its software. They have a very feature rich database, is it possible to import features too in this extension by extracting their "Play mode"? That way we can have a much better db with both info, many thanks in advance!

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - ferrell - 09-04-2021


Thanks a lot for the awesome extension! Do you have any plans to port it to Playnite 9? Thanks in advance!

RE: LaunchBox metadata plugin - Zefrem23 - 09-16-2021

Is it possible to specify that I want 3D Boxes from Launchbox for the covers?